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Tebongkang’s freshwater snail satay

Any visitor traveling to Kintamani or Ubud on the Singapadu route should make a lunch stop at a restaurant in Tebongkang hamlet to sample one of Bali’s unique traditional foods: Satay and soup made of freshwater snail meat. The Warung Sate Kakul diner lies on the left side of the street, some 100 meters before […]

Bitter Taste of Balinese Palm Sugar

Palm sugar (brown sugar) makers at Besan Village, Dawan, Klungkung, have difficulty to get raw materials or wine seepage of coconut tree. It happens because within the past few days, in Klungkung, particular at Besan, it always rains. Actually, before Galungan and Kuningan the demand for brown sugar (also called Balinese sugar) increases. The price […]

Roasted Chicken Getting More Popular as Special Menu of Warung Paon

Traditional Balinese food is unique and deserves to be presented to tourists. Therefore, various tourism activities always show off culinary attraction, whether in the form of food contest, festival or just a culinary exhibition of Balinese food. Denpasar City, for instance, claiming itself as a cultured-city always holds culinary activities through the events like Denpasar […]

Carp Meatball, Do You Want to Try?

More and more restaurants providing diverse menus make people get pampered with a variety of menus served by good restaurants such as fast food and traditional food. Nevertheless, various menus served in restaurant do not guarantee if one day customers will not get bored. Seeing this condition, as a restaurant focused on the provision of […]

Jaja Bendu: Tasting Splendor of Balinese Cake

Other than exploring the beauty of nature, culture, and food, perhaps you are also eager to know about the Balinese cakes. As a religious community, Balinese have a wide treasure of cakes mainly offered in ritual activities. By and large, this diversity may be shown in terms of the making, look and presentation. The easiest […]

Young Drumstick Curry: More than Just a Vegetable to Beat Up Your Tongue

In keeping with the awareness to get a better quality of life, people today tend to select secure and healthy foodstuff. Organic farming or natural farming has become a new trend to answer this demand. However, they have to pay expensive price to obtain it.  But, do not worry! Virtually in every single difficulty, there […]

Lempet, unique delicacy from Klungkung

Lempet is a kind of traditional Balinese sea food which is famous in the eastern part of the island namely Klungkung Regency. Lempet is made from the fish that often being catch by the local fishermen. The food is made from fish which is already being cleaned so there are no bones left on the […]