Roasted Chicken Getting More Popular as Special Menu of Warung Paon

Traditional Balinese food is unique and deserves to be presented to tourists. Therefore, various tourism activities always show off culinary attraction, whether in the form of food contest, festival or just a culinary exhibition of Balinese food. Denpasar City, for instance, claiming itself as a cultured-city always holds culinary activities through the events like Denpasar Festival, Anniversary of Denpasar City and others.

Culinary attraction turns so important because every traveler, including local community who visits the city of Denpasar, will certainly need to eat and drink. Denpasar is so rich in local traditional cuisines such as roasted pig, (baked) chicken betutu, lawar, komoh, twisted satay, gerang asem, urab vegetables, various fish specialties and others. Lately, a Balinese culinary specialty named Roasted Chicken was introduced and in fact it attracted the interest of many tourists.

This traditional menu processed in a modern touch has become a typical menu of Warung Paon in some culinary events like Denpasar Festival, Anniversary of Denpasar and Pekenan Lais Meseluk. Presence of the menus offering delicious flavor receives positive response and attracts many visitors because the traditional menu is really different. Similarly, the contents of package on offer was truly different such as roasted chicken, fern tips vegetable, grilled banana, gerang asem, spicy sauce and raw sambal.

With such a success, Warung Paon then presents the specialties to public by opening a culinary business on Jalan Drupadi VI/5, Renon, Denpasar. Its location is very strategic as it lies in the center of culinary area. This restaurant has a capacity of 80 seats and is open from 08:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Local Time.

Baked Chicken Rice
After three months in operation, the restaurant inaugurated by the Head of Bali Government Tourism Office, IB Subhiksu, on March 7, 2011 was then enriched with additional menu Baked Chicken Rice, Fried Fish Packages and Fish Head Soup. “Other than targeting individuals, families and office employees around Renon, the restaurant also targets bazaar activities as a marketing strategy in the future,” said I Ketut Ardana, the owner. Except for targeting schools and customary youth clubs, Warung Paon also becomes preferred partner of clan family members organizing charity bazaar.

Another potential target market is travel agency where his party has made cooperation to provide lunch and dinner presented in buffet and set menu style at affordable price. All the times, the culinary business initiated by I Ketut Ardana who is also Managing Director of PT Sinar Mentari Bali Tours & Travel along with his brothers attempts to provide the best for customers by friendly and professional service to the whole society and tourists with a mediocre budget. Additionally, the Warung Paon also provides services of rice box (home delivery), packed rice (home delivery), buffet packages, bazaars, reunion, and birthday event.

source : balitravelnews

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