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Pemuteran Village

Pemuteran is located at the west coastal area of the Island of Bali or approximately 55 km west of Singaraja and 30 km from Gilimanuk. It lies between the cluster of hills and sea causing this village to have a very exotic panorama. Pemuteran Beach is a perfect tourist attraction for travelers favoring a quiet […]

Surya Dewata Rafting Luxuriating in Waterfall and Tarzan Cave

Wow … how fun it is when enjoying the rafting adventure on the Ayung River, Pangsan Village, Petang Subdistrict, Badung. Under the guidance of Surya Dewata Rafting, we can take water games filled with pleasant creation and fun. Our adrenaline is challenged when passing through the river basin with many rapids. So, you must be […]

Penyaringan Village

Penyaringan Village is one of the villages in Jembrana Regency having the most hamlets, namely 13 units. The village inhabited by 9,848 populations is divided into three customary villages, namely, the Penyaringan, Giri Amerta and Giri Utama. Most residents rely their livelihood on agriculture both irrigated and non-irrigated farming. Actually, the name of Penyaringan itself […]

Enjoying Countryside Charm of Mengesta

Wow… how beautiful the countryside of Mengesta Village is. Terraced rice fields with organic rice plants, dry fields overgrown with lush trees, small familiar animals and clean surroundings make this village really convenient. Moreover, people are very friendly making the village atmosphere peaceful. One time visit to this village will definitely make you addicted to […]

Payangan Agrotourism

Payangan Agrotourism is situated at Kerta Village, Payangan Subdistrict. It provides a wide choice of tourist attractions such as scout camp, village tours, trekking, educational tours, agricultural museum and tropical cut flowers.  One of the most favored objects is the Sekar Bumi Farm denoting the icon of Payangan Agrotourism. Further, as an intriguing icon, the […]

Taman Bali Village

Taman Bali Village has a beautiful park denoting a heritage of Taman Bali Kingdom. The park is equipped with a pool and sanctum in the form of clan temple building belonging to the big family of Tirta Harum Taman Bali. Other than functioned as worshipping place, it was also made a recreational area by the […]

Sangkaragung Village

Sagkaragung village located in the State District approximately 5 km to the east of the State. In the village there Sangkaragung arts center that is typical of Jembrana Jegog. Sangkaragung world famous village with art Jegog especially in Japan. Jegog Sangkaragung perform in Japan each year more than three times. While the village itself Jegog […]