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The USAT Liberty Shipwreck | Best Tulamben Dive Sites

Bali’s most famous dive site. Built circa WWI this cargo ship was equipped with guns for WWII, torpedoed by the Japanese off Lombok; despite attempts to tow the ship to N Bali it was taking on too much water so was semi-beached at Tulamben. Over the years anything reusable was removed. In 1963, with the […]

The Drop-off/Wall | Leaf Scorpionfish Dive Sites

This site, an old lava flow from Mount Agung, is at the opposite end of the bay from the Wreck (about 15min walk along the stony beach). The dive starts off on a steep sand slope with nudibranches, flounders, goby/shrimp sets. At 12m are sponges with many varieties of shrimp, Leaf Scorpionfish abound and there […]

The Coral Garden | Blue Ribbon Eels Dive Sites

Running along the middle section of Tulamben beach is a shallow reef (averaging 8-12m so also excellent for snorkelling) of mainly table and fire corals interspersed with anemones as well as barrel and other sponges. The fishlife, as with the Drop-off and the Wreck, is very diverse. It is here that you can see a […]

Batu Kelebit | Beautiful Sea Fans Dive Sites

A 15 min. jukung (local outrigger) ride east from Tulamben Bay will take you to Batu Kelebit these two large rocks that lie just offshore. The dive site is quite dramatic and consists of three steep ridges encrusted with an incredible diversity of hard corals, beautiful sea fans, fire corals and sponges and between these […]

Mimpang | Trumpetfish Dive Sites

Off the boat to 12m where you see small coral reef and white sand and small wall, max depth 30m. You will see Trumpetfish, during the season (Aug-Sep) Mola-Mola (Sunfish). Current is up/down and sometimes strong surge as you enter. Also known as Batu Tiga – Three Rocks – Mimpang is exactly that: 3 large […]

Biaha | Beautiful Reef on The Island

The current here can be very strong up/down and surge also can be very strong. We are one of only three dive companies to offer trips to Biaha. This rock is shaped like a banana and is about 4km from Mimpang and Tepekong. We are one of the few companies to offer diving here, which […]

Pemuteran | Best Dive Sites in North Bali

Located 20mins along the north coast from Labuan Lalang, Pemuteran is a small collection of resorts located on the beach. The diving here is on 500M wide coral-covered banks or mounds that go from the sand floor, at around 25M, up to about 6M from the surface. The top coral cover is a mixture of […]