Batu Kelebit | Beautiful Sea Fans Dive Sites

A 15 min. jukung (local outrigger) ride east from Tulamben Bay will take you to Batu Kelebit these two large rocks that lie just offshore. The dive site is quite dramatic and consists of three steep ridges encrusted with an incredible diversity of hard corals, beautiful sea fans, fire corals and sponges and between these ridges are channels of white sand. In fact, it is not only the colour of the sand that differs from Tulamben Bay, the species of even the most common reef fish are different too.

The marine life varies from the tiny up to the very large: the steepness of the site combined with the structure of the ridges (and plankton-rich water) means you also have much more chance to see pelagics including barracuda, tuna, manta and white tip reef shark here than you do within the Bay. The diving here is colder than within Tulamben Bay and not only because the diving here is generally deeper: there’s a cold water eddy that comes up from the depths. Visibility is generally as low as 15-20M due to the amount of plankton in the water. The current can be quite strong at times but the channels are well-protected.

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