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Holy Water at Beji Langon Temple

Beji Langon Temple is situated at Kapal Village, Mengwi Subdistrict, Badung Regency. As a matter of fact, there are many Beji (springs) temples in Bali. Beji is identical to bathing place but not for general public. It is consecrated or made sacred by Hindu community because the natural water existing in the Beji area is […]

Natar Sari Temple, Balancer of the World

Once a year, customary villagers of Apuan, Baturiti subdistrict, Tabanan, organize a grandiose temple anniversary in the Natar Sari Temple. It coincides with Tumpek Krulut. At this time, the temple anniversary or pujawali falls on Saturday (Aug 20). It has become a tradition that every pujawali will be attended by dozens of sanctified effigies in […]

Taman Sari | Nine And Eleven Story Temple Buildings

Taman Sari Temple is located in the Banjar Sengguhan at Semarapura City, approximately 500 metre the far east direction of Semarapura could be reached by vehicle because the road has been asphalted. The environment of Taman Sari Temple consist of a couple of temple buildings of nine-story temples and eleven-story based by the giant’s turtle […]

Mandala Wisata Samuan Tiga

Mandala Wisata Samuan Tiga has a stage and halls for art and culture exhibitions, lying next to the Samuan Tiga Temple. Pejeng lies between Bedulu and Tampaksiring. Pejeng is the center of an old Balinese kingdom. Forty temple and some historical relies are found here.

Pucaksari Temple | A Hard To Write Scenery That One Can Imagine

Sitting on Pucaksari Hill in Peninjoan Village, Pucaksari Temple and the surrounding villages, have a cool temperatur. At dawn, when the sun seems to come up behind Mount Agung whit shines capturing the old trees growing near Pucaksari, it really offers a hard to write scenery that one can imagine. From a distance place, the […]

Dalem Balingkang | Temple At The Northern Side Of Lake Batur

Dalem Balingkang Temple situated in a remote area at the northern side of Lake Batur an on the eastern part of Penulisan Hill, some 40 kms from Bangli Town, precisely in Pinggan Village, Kinatamani District. The place is easy to reach with vehicles. Reaching the parking area, then, a guest should go on foot for […]

Besikalung Temple

Besikalung Temple located in the mountains of southern slopes of Mount Batukaru. In this area, including territorial Jatiluwih area. But the temples are in pengempon area Ulu village Adat, village Babahan, Penebel District, Tabanan regency. Location temple if taken from Denpasar to reach approximately 50 km to the south side of Mount Batukaru. Pura Luhur […]