Taman Sari | Nine And Eleven Story Temple Buildings

Taman Sari Temple is located in the Banjar Sengguhan at Semarapura City, approximately 500 metre the far east direction of Semarapura could be reached by vehicle because the road has been asphalted. The environment of Taman Sari Temple consist of a couple of temple buildings of nine-story temples and eleven-story based by the giant’s turtle surrounded by the pond, wounded around by the Ananthaboga dragon, it narrated when the gods turned life water (amerta) for the happiness and welfare.

The beauty of this temple can be seen from nine-story and eleven-story temple buildings emerging from a pond. From the decoration style of nine story building temple describe that the building is like the Mountain of Maha Meru based by the giant’s turtle wich is sank in the milk ocean. Afterwards the gods and the giant turn around the Maha Meru Mountain wound around by the Ananthaboga dragon. By the rotation of this mountain, the milk ocean will produce various product such as Amerta (water of life).

According to the story that contained in Adi Parwa Story, the greatness meaning from Amerta is as the giver as well as welfare and the holiness of the world. The theme of the story really suittable with the function of the life function of the Park Temple environment. The environment of the Park Temple is the place to keep the weapons of Majapahit Kingdom wich are belong to the Kepakisan Dynasti who was assigned by Majapahit King to arrange the peace of Bali island.

Although the greatness weapons that really honored have been seized by the Netherlands in the Klungkung War during 1908, the Padma Anglayang decoration as the symbol of the Majapahit authority still gotten in the environment of this temple. The Temple environment was developed at the end of XVII age, when the beginning of the movement of the king of the Kepakisan dynasty descendants from Gelgel to Klungkung.

The most important moments recorded from the Taman Sari Temple when the Dewa Agung Istri Kania order to destroy the Dutch invasion in 1849 in Kusamba. From Taman Sari Temple he assigned to utilise the heirloom weapon wich is named I Seliksik to the Klungkung soldier . This assignment mission is successful brilliantly, the Dutch troops chaotic in the Kusamba coast and the big loss of the Dutch troopd is the death of Jendral Michiels in this battle. After the Taman Sari Temple restored by Asylum Archaelogical Bali from 1979 then beauty of this temple environment return to the original form.

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