Bali Dive Tours

Bali Dive Tours offers diving in bali with best sites for scuba diving, dive safaris, open water and all PADI courses, nitrox, equipment and Divemaster and Instructor internships.

Bali Daily Dive Trips
Bali Dive Bali Daily Dive Trips will start from your hotel to the diving destination and back to your hotel at the same day. Normally pick up time is around 7:00 am to 7:45 am (depend on where you stay and the diving destination). You may be back to your hotel at around 18:00 pm …. Read More

Bali Diving 4 Days Packages
Bali DivingBali Diving 4 Days Packages is diving service that we offer for diver who have a short holidays in bali and is a great way to see more of Bali, visit several sites and cut down on travel time. If this is your first visit to Bali, you can dive several locations and pick your favorites …. Read More

Bali Diving 5 Days Packages
BALI DIVINGBali Diving 5 Days Packages offer the best dive sites to diver for diving experience and memorable diving in bali, The price includes accommodation and, because you are staying near the dive sites, you can do early and late dives which means you can dive before and …. Read More

Bali Diving 6 Days Packages
tulamben-dive-siteBali Diving 6 Days Packages is full service of diving in Bali, and become the most famous choice by the diver visited bali. we can organise a safari to suit all personal requirements, combine any Bali dive sites, any number of diving days and include land-tours in your …. Read More

Bali Diving 7 Days Packages
Bali DiveBali Diving 7 Days Packages gives the opportunity for diver to makes their diving needs complete, be our next guest for diving adventure in Bali. All the dive packages (multiple and single day trips) can be combined with Padi Open Water or Advanced Courses at …. Read More

Bali Diving 10 Days Packages
Bali DivingBali Diving 10 Days Packages is the best offer and become the best diving adventure and fun diving in Bali. Sample the best of what Bali has to offer – Bali Diving 10 Days Packages arrange a Diving Safari around the islands finest sites, where each dive offers something …. Read More

Bali Diving 14 Days Packages
BALI DIVINGBali Diving 14 Days Packages is exciting scuba diving activities in bali and offer the complete diving, Bali Diving Safaris is the best solution. You will stay overnight near the dive sites, have a good accommodation (including air conditioned room, hot water, breakfast) …. Read More

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