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Genggong, an almost extinct traditional music

Balinese traditional musical art, genggong or jaw harp, being at the verge of extinction, ultimately re-emerged to entertain Balinese spectators through the show by the Yoh Bongsri Jaw Harp Troupe from Pengotan village, Bangli. The jaw harp musical instrument made from palm frond or bamboo grew around the 1950s. This kind of traditional music came […]

The divine’s show of force

A week after the Kuningan festival, during which the Balinese Hindus renew their promise to defend darma (virtue) against adharma (vice), the people of Kesiman partake in an impressive temple festival, where dozens of devotees fall into a state of trance and stab their own bodies with daggers to show the world the power of […]

Ngelawar: From Togetherness with Love to Flavor

Each region in Indonesia has different delicacy pursuant to surrounding environment providing the ingredients and tradition maintained. Bali for instance has lawar, It has been renowned and tasted by the tongue of foreign tourists. Hot spices supported by a variety of tubers and thinly-chopped vegetables like the young coconut shell, string bean, grated coconut or […]

The Beautiful and Attractive Okokan

The sound is very unique and the form is also not very elite. Even tough almost there is no melody come out of it but the song is very attractive. Many tourists crowded to watch the beautiful performance. That was Okokan performance which was held on Sunday, August 5, 2012 in Ulun Danu Beratan. Okokan […]

Batu Panes Temple A Sanctum Where Farmers Plead Prosperity

Tabanan Regency retains some unique temple heritages. One of them is the Batu Panes Temple located at Mengesta customary village, Penebel. The temple situated amidst the rice field has some uniqueness compared to other temples. The most bizarre is the entrance to the temple located in the southwest. Reputedly, it is a symbol of prosperity […]

Makepung Buffalo Racing in Jembrana

The spectators moved closer onto the dry Sang Hyang Cerik circuit in Tuwed village, Jembrana, that steamy afternoon. They were impatient to see the result of the ongoing makepung race, anxious to see which flag crossed the finish line first, the green or the red. The two-wheeled buffalo-drawn carts with red flags were from the […]

The kris maker | Balinese Culture

The kris dagger, once the main insignia of the warrior class and nowadays a status symbol among collectors and enthusiasts, has survived the ages and earned global recognition as part of the country’s precious heritage. In the past, kris were crafted by empu, blacksmiths who led a solitary life and possessed great supernatural power. One […]