Biaha | Beautiful Reef on The Island

The current here can be very strong up/down and surge also can be very strong. We are one of only three dive companies to offer trips to Biaha. This rock is shaped like a banana and is about 4km from Mimpang and Tepekong. We are one of the few companies to offer diving here, which is a pity as it offers great diving! There is a beautiful and healthy reef around the island, a rocky slope in the north, a wall around the southern part.

This rugged black wall, with the breaking waves above, is utterly beautiful in places and at times it is almost as if the fish are superfluous – but not quite! There are various entry points around the island, and your dive can cover almost the entire circumference of the island, or just a small part, dependent upon your interests and also, of course, the currents and conditions! Ah yes, the conditions, the current here can be very strong, not only horizontally, but also downwards; there is sometimes surge.

Most of the awkward currents are on the northern slope. The inside area of the crescent (the east side of Biaha) has a cave large enough for 6 divers, in which white tip reef shark often sleep. The protected area outside the cave has interesting corals with many commensal shrimp and crab, and is home to anglerfish, leaf scorpionfish, octopus, cuttlefish, nudibranches, and could take up an entire dive (and sometimes does!).

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