Carp Meatball, Do You Want to Try?

More and more restaurants providing diverse menus make people get pampered with a variety of menus served by good restaurants such as fast food and traditional food. Nevertheless, various menus served in restaurant do not guarantee if one day customers will not get bored. Seeing this condition, as a restaurant focused on the provision of menus made of processed fish with a perfect blend of traditional seasonings, I felt to get a challenge to create some new creative menus, said Wayan Astawa, Operations Manager of Warung Mina at Peguyangan, Denpasar, recently.

His newly creation menu was the package of carp meatball and fish fillet served with spicy sauces. We create these menus in response to consumer demands, he said. Astawa further added that with the creation his party hoped the community would find different options from the menus. According to him, the menu was favored by consumers as light meal. The carp meatball was offered at about IDR 17,000 per serving. Since its introduction to the public about a month ago, the menu got a fairly positive response from consumers.

He also added that another menu denoting a new creation of Warung Mina Peguyangan was the package of fillet fish served with spicy sauces. With this new menu, consumers who wish to enjoy the fish will not find a difficulty to savor the serving because the fish served with spicy sauces has already been in the form of fillet, he explained. With the price starting from IDR 35,000 to IDR 50,000 per package, consumers had got the menu consisting of fish head soup, steamed rice and carp fillets served with spicy sauces.  The price is adjusted to the weight of each fish, he added.

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