Young Drumstick Curry: More than Just a Vegetable to Beat Up Your Tongue

In keeping with the awareness to get a better quality of life, people today tend to select secure and healthy foodstuff. Organic farming or natural farming has become a new trend to answer this demand. However, they have to pay expensive price to obtain it.  But, do not worry! Virtually in every single difficulty, there must be a solution. Balinese people, especially housewives, for instance, through its family empowerment (PKK) organization, attempt to take advantage of any small spaces left within the house compound.

They plant various herbal and vegetables, ranging from the short-term plants like ginger, galangal, cassava, chili, bitter gourd, beans et cetera. If they happen to have wider spaces, they will plant long term vegetables such as jack fruit, kelor or moringa or horseradish tree. Due to familiarity and closeness to this plant, Balinese people often use a language style called word pun saying majukut di natah. Literally, it means vegetable growing within the house compound.

It only refers to horseradish tree or kelor in Balinese language. The word kelor is associated with lelor, a minimal pair of words meaning fatigue. As a matter of fact, the word has nothing to do with the quality of this vegetable. Horseradish is usually planted in front of their kitchen or backyard. This versatile plant can be taken advantage from its barks up to the sprouts for herbal medicine and the need for ritual paraphernalia, while its young leaf and drumstick (fruit) can be used for delicious and beneficial vegetable.

Horseradish bearing a fruit named drumstick or kelentang in Balinese language is one of the vegetable sources that totally does not need fertilizer or insecticide to grow it. On that account, it is really free from chemical substance. In modern science, this vegetable is said to contain some important nutrients like protein, calcium, magnesium, antibiotic, vitamin C and potassium. Even, Ayurveda also mentions if the leaf of this moringa plant can prevent 300 kinds of disease.

Just imagine how beneficial this vegetable is. Today, both young leaf and drumstick have been widely available at traditional markets and supermarkets in Bali. Therefore, it is not mistaken if you try to enjoy and get the benefits of this delicious drumstick. First of all, prepare 1 bundle of drumstick (around 10 pieces) and 1 cup of coconut milk. To generate a nice flavor, it is required some spices as follows: 4 cloves shallot, 2 cloves garlic, 1 small chili, 1 large chili, 1 candlenut, 1 slice (turmeric, galangal, ginger) and 1 piece of salam leaf. Meanwhile, other ingredients required are 2 tbsp palm oil, 1tsp salt and 2 glass of water.

Shave off the outer skin of your young drumstick and then cut them as long as some 5 cm each. Afterward, cleanse them thoroughly. Now, prepare its spices by grounding all spices finely and stir-fry until smelling fragrant. Add some water and wait until boiling. Put the cuts of drumstick into the frying pan and followed by salt. Stir and wait until being cooked. Then, pour the coconut milk into the frying pan and stir for a while and take it out. When the cooking has been done, some pieces may be broken but they do not matter. As a result, its flesh is easier to eat. Please bear in mind that do not eat along with the shaved off skin. To get a better flavor, it’s better to serve it warm.

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