Hotel Association Records Losses Due to Meeting Prohibition

Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) Bali recorded substantial losses as a result of the ban for government official to hold meeting at hotel. “From Badung reported about 25 percent (loss) from` mice` sector (`meetings, incentive, conference and exhibition`),” said Chairman of the PHRI Bali, Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati in Denpasar, on Saturday.

According to him, the MICE industry gives big contribution to the income of hospitality in Bali that has been widely held by ministries, state or local government. “The MICE is not allowed to be held in Hotel even though it became one of the indicators of income. When we still develop it, it has been banned,” he complained. He also complained of no socialization and it’s announced in sudden by the government ban on the hotel meeting.

“It supposed to be at least three to five years earlier so that we could hold a market shift,” he said. Meanwhile Chairman of the Tourism Industry Association (GIPI) Bali, Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya admitted that he is now trying to divert to the private market and abroad. “We have to make new breakthroughs like to make` Bali Convention Bureau` to bring in from abroad and private as well.

The influence is great especially in Bali almost every year MICE are conducted,” he said. MICE have been the one income that sustains the tourism sector in Bali especially that carried out by the government. Although the tourism will shift to private and foreign markets, but it is, he said, requires a short time to attract other markets to support the Mice industry in Bali.

source : the bali times

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