Pastika still Analyzes the Case of Balinese Women Workers Detained in

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika is currently studying the situation towards three female migrant workers (TKW) from Bali who are reportedly detained in Kazan, Russia. “I’m looking out the information, exactly how is the case,” he said in Denpasar on Wednesday.

Information about the arrest of three workers was made by members of the Regional Representative Council (DPD) from Bali, Arya Wedakarna in Bali Governor’s Office on Tuesday (11/11). He mentioned that the migrant notified to him through the social networking site “Facebook”.

“We immediately coordinated with the Russian government and it is true,” said Wedakarna. The senator was then sent a hearing letter to the Ambassador of Russia to Indonesia Mikhail Yurievich Galuzin on October 21, 2014. He mentioned that the three migrant workers are Ketut Sukarni, Yanika Sriwedari and Ni Kadek Dewi Yuli Marisa.

“We need to cooperate with Russian government to resolve the problem and prevent similar cases in the future,” he said in the letter. The workers were imprisoned since 23 September, captured by the domestic authorities of Russia. The arrests were made because the four workers were abusing visa to enter Russia using student visa.

“According to the agency that sends them, the visa will be changed into a work visa when they arrive,” he said. Currently, those female workers are detained in a prison in the Isuram 8 Prison City Tatarstand, Kazan, Russia.

source : the bali times

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