Twenty four houses rebuilt for Orang Rimba

The Indonesian Military (TNI) has said it is rebuilding 24 houses for the Suku Anak Dalam tribe, or Orang Rimba, in Pelakar Jaya village, Pemenang district, Merangin regency, Jambi. The construction project, which kicked off on Wednesday, is part of the TNI’s community service program called TNI Manunggal Membangun Desa (TMMD) in Merangin regency.

The houses being built are for the Yudi group, a group of Orang Rimba who have been living in Pelakar Jaya village since 2003. The Social Affairs Agency built houses for members of the Yudi group that year. Their houses have been damaged, so the TNI decided to repair them. Before the Yudi group members settled in Pelakar Jaya, they lived on an oil palm plantation belonging to PT Kresna Duta Agrindo, a subsidiary of Sinarmas Plantation.

Acting Merangin Regent Husairi said TMMD was a program that was designed to achieve national development targets, in which its implementation involved the TNI, regional administrations and local communities. He said strong cooperation among the three parties must be maintained because this would help in protecting the solidity of the country and nation.

“TMMD supported development projects in villages in order to reduce social inequality and alleviate poverty,” said Husairi. Indonesian Conservation Community Warsi executive director Rudi Syaf said the NGO was supporting the house rebuilding project. He said the Orang Rimba group led by Yudi had decided to leave their settlement in the forest to live in Pelakar Jaya village. (ebf)

source : the jakarta post

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