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Jembrana Regency: To Serve and Protect?

CCTV Surveillance Cameras Installed by Regency at Bali Port of Gilimanuk Haven’t Work for More than a Year Bali Post reports that CCTV surveillance camera installed at Bali’s westernmost port of Gilimanuk have been inoperable for more than a year.  The cameras, meant to monitor people entering Bali passing through port’s entry gate, don’t work. […]

Gilimanuk personnel find 800 smuggled ducks

Quarantine and police personnel at Gilimanuk port on Monday found two pickup trucks being used in an attempt to smuggle 800 ducks from East Java. “We detected the noise and the smell from the two pickup trucks that were just disembarking from the ship. When we took the cover off, we discovered hundreds of ducks,” […]

Bad weather closes Gilimanuk Port

Strong winds and large waves forced port authorities to temporarily close the Bali Strait crossing on Tuesday from midnight until 5 a.m. Head of the Gilimanuk Water Police Made Prihenjagat confirmed the news that the closure had been decided by Ketapang Port. “As Ketapang Port is closed, automatically the same will happen at Gilimanuk Port,” […]