Penjor | Expression of Gratitude for Life and Safety

Penjor is an offering in the form of a tall, decorated bamboo pole whose gracefully curving upper end is said to resemble both the tail of the barong, symbol of the goodness, and the peak of the sacred mountain, Mount Agung. Penjor are placed in front of each Balinese household for the Galungan holiday and an also used in conjunction with important temple ceremony and life-cycle rituals. Hanging from the end of every penjor are beautifully plaited palm leaf creations called sampian.

When people go to a temple ceremony, most of them wearing their best traditional dress and make they as beautiful as possible to please the gods and each other. The Balinese believe the human body represents the cosmos, heavenly at the top, demonic at the bottom, with humanity in between. Their temple wardrobe and the materials they are made of reflect this belief.
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