Nyoman Gunarsa Museum

Nyoman Gunarsa Museum is located in the quite strategic route in the Banda three-way intersection, Takmung Village 3 Km the West direction to the Semarapura City. The Museum building is designed with the blend of the Balinese architect Modern. Nyoman Gunarsa Museum is displayed by various classic Balinese paintings both from the ancient legacy and art-works from his owner of I Nyoman Gunarsa.

I Nyoman Gunarsa is one of the painter which distinguish for coming from Bali. Most of his masterpiece painting was taken from Bali folklore, and Hindu Dharma legend. Thats make his style of painting different from the other. Its masterpieces taken from artistry of Bali, like folk dance, traditional music, Balinese ceremony, and environmental variety.

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