Mount Batukaru

It also called ‘The Coconut Shell Rock’, 2276m, Mount Batukaru is the second highest mountain in Bali with spectacular scenery, rich cultural heritage and deeply spiritual people. It is a tropical paradise of spirits culture with gorgeous land and seascapes. It has a perfect nature’s beauty. In this area, all local temples have a shrine dedicated to the spirit of the mountain.

Mount Batukaru is perfect for a gentle walk into the largest rainforest in Bali or day trek to the top of the mountain, it also a lush tropical “food forest” of cacao, coffee, vanilla, and jungle fruits with spectacular panoramas to southern Bali. You can swim in the lodges natural waterholes with cascading waterfalls or just sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful views.

Some come to unwind, some come to retreat, some come to be inspired, and some come to soak in the green.  All leave with more than they came with.

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