Joged Bumbung Dance | Dedicated To Godness Of Fertility

In the Tabanan district we still find the archaic Joged Bumbung Dance which is obviously connected with the season life in the fields or dedicated to Dewi Sri, Godness of Fertility, as a thanks giving ceremony. It celebrates the rice stamping which is suck a familiar sound and sight in Bali During the rice harvest. But the last development of this dance has found its form in the so called social fraternizing dance, where the dancer , a comely girl selected her partner from the audience by giving a sign with her fan.

The other pervious dance similar to the Joged is the Gandrung, the dancer is a beautiful young man made up and dressed in female costume also choose his partner from the audience, but this dance become out dated by the fashionable Joged which satisfies public taste much better. The modern composition of the Joged came into being at the time of Indonesia fight for independence . This instrumental ensemble consists for the greater part of bamboo instruments in slendro tonality.

First the dancer dance around, throwing side glances to the audience while, playing white her fan while dancing around she manages in choosing the one to become her partner. Her movements are sufficiently to effect the public, so that it needs no wonder, that many wives are jealous in seeing their husband chosen to join the dance.

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