Drama Gong | Balinese Traditional Opera

The most contemporary dance drama is the Drama Gong which has developed and accepted some foreign elements of drama. It is actually a drama or play than a dance with the Balinese gambelan for accompaniment. It is a mixture of all kinds of Balinese traditional drama. The inclusion of this Balinese modern drama in this brochure means that it plays very important part in the life of the Balinese society today and has become a favorite of the audience.

Most of Drama Gong stories are drawn from the classical romance of Kingdom of Daha and Kediri (East Java), for in this case the Balinese appreciate this link with the historical past, even though at times the historical back ground is no more than the name used. Often we may witness a modern setting but the story itself is not modern.

The performance is aimed as an amusement only and of course the comic scenes are indispensable.

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