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Peliatan is best known for its legong – a graceful dance traditionally performed by two pre-pubescent girls in glittering costumes. Indeed, the first Balinese dance troupe to travel abroad was a legong group from Peliatan that performed at the Paris Exhibition in 1931 under the leadership of the late Anak Agung Gede Mandera (affectionately known […]

Batuan Village

Balinese house in Batuan Village basically has the same architecture and style all over the island. It comprises several buildings, the east building is used to make offerings, and the south building will be a kitchen. the west building is commonly used for the parent’s room, and the north building is the children rooms or […]

Kebo Edan Temple

Another temple in Pejeng is Kebo Edan Temple, possesses the statue of a standing giant 3.60 m tall. He is called Kebo Edan, the Mad One. The figure has a huge penis with four “penis pins” pierced through it right under the glens. The use of such pins to increase a woman’s sexual pleasure is […]

Telaga Waja River

Telaga Waja River flows below Bali’s highest peak, Mt. Agung, an active volcano that last erupted in the 1960s. Many Balinese regard the mountain as sacred which lends a unique touch to Telaga Waja River rafting trips and you might even see ash or smoke rising from Agung. People new to whitewater rafting will appreciate […]

Sibetan Village

Sibetan village, which is famous for its “salak” or snake skin fruit is located in Bebandem district, 83 km from Denpasar or 15 km from Amlapura. As one of tourist destination in Karangasem, Sibetan village offers natural panorama (agro tourism). Sibetan village is 400-600 m above the sea level, with the average temperature of 20º-30º C. […]

Putung Hill

Putung  itself is located in Duda Timur village, Selat district, approximately 64 km from Denpasar and about 19 kms from Amlapura. This area is reachable by public or private vehicles. The most plus point of Putung as a tourist object is its wonderful and amazing pristine panorama, which is the combination of mountains and sea view […]

Iseh East Bali Village

The tourist object of Iseh is situated at Iseh village, Sidemen district. The distance of this object is about 52 kms from Denpasar and can be easily reached by public or private vehicles.  The magnificent nature of Iseh has been famous since years ago, for the most fascinating natural view can be seen here. Mount […]