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Suana Village

Suana Village has a beach with white sand and a beautiful hill. We can also see a cave wich is called Goa Giri Putri. Goa Giri Putri located in Banjar Karang Sari, Suana Village about 3 km to the east side of Sampalan, the centre of Nusa Penida sub-regency. It is a bit difficult to […]

Goa Jepang Bali

Goa Jepang located in Banjar Koripan, Banjarangkan Village Klungkung regency. Goa Jepang consists of sixteen caves, built in next side of Tukad Bubuh River. 14 of this cave connect each other, but two of them which is in Northernmost and Southernmost. This is memory of Japanese Colonialist in Bali. Japanese make this cave to protect […]

Belega and Bona Village

Belega village including the Blahbatuh Gianyar, whereas the Bona village was the Belega Village territory. Belega Village was known as the centre of diligence of bamboo, that in part take the form of : the seat, the bed, the dressing table, cupboard and so on. Bona village was known as the centre of diligence of the […]

Sidan Village

Sidan Vilage is located in the Gianyar Regency, about 4 km from Gianyar city to Bangli city and 31 Km from Denpasar. Naturally Sidan village indeed have a very beautiful panorama, because it is in the offshore area and also has a cliff perspective. In addition to Sidan natural village also has a diverse tourism, […]

Turtle Breeding at Deluang Sari

Deluang Sari, a little delta overgrown by mangrove forests with coastal white sand and calm waves, is situated overlooking the sea recreation center of Benoa Harbor. Since it has an intact ecological system, clean beaches and lush mangrove forests, this place was then developed for breeding sea turtles. At low tide, we can get there […]

Bindu Village

As a matter of fact, Bindu Village is not promoted to be a tourism village by the Badung Regency Government. Nevertheless, the village located in Central Badung is thronged by tourists because of its unique nature and charm of the beautiful village. There are always tourists having a promenade to see the activities of local […]

Dukuh Campground, Blahkiuh

This campground is located at Blahkiuh Village, Abiansemal Subdistrict, about 19 km from Denpasar and about 2 km to the west of Denpasar – Petang road section, precisely in front of the Blahkiuh Police station. Previously, this tourist object was a resort of Mengwi royal family completed with a swimming pool and public bath. It […]