Buddhist Monastery

Buddhist Monastery is just the perfect place for you. Perched on a slope of a hill, Brahmavira Arama Buddhist Temple and Monastery rise majestically overlooking a sea with lush green hill as a background. Precisely, the Monastery is located in Tegehe hamlet, the village of Banjar, near Lovina, in Buleleng Regency. This monastery is not a tourist attraction, the monastery still serves as place for praying, worshipping and meditating for the Buddhist communities in North Bali.

Everyday, you can find some worshipper come to pay homage in the monastery, but the peak of the visitors is on the holy Vaisak day, in which most Buddhist in north Bali come to this monastery to celebrate the Vaisak. Brahmavira Arama Monastery is a terraced temple complex in which each level has its own structures. Each structure is adorned with exuberant Balinese woodcarvings which show the assimilation of Balinese culture into the architecture of the monastery.

On the highest level of the complex you can find a miniature version of Borobudur (biggest Buddhist Temple). This monastery also boasts of a huge temple bell donated from Thailand, panels depicting Buddha Fables, and Buddha Sculpture. And of course monastery has a few praying rooms with golden Buddha’s statues, you can also find several Buddha statues in the garden. Once again, this Buddhist is not a tourist attraction, entrance is free, but if you want to make a donation please do not hesitate.

You can also borrow sarongs you may need to enter the temple for free.

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