Tulamben Beach

Tulamben grows into tourist area for its strategic position and because of the beauty of its surroundings. From here, we will be able to witness the fascinating view of Mount Agung on the west side. Besides, it also offers a magnificent panorama of marine life.In our underwater adventure, we will find the wreck of US Liberty ship from the World War II. It becomes another attraction of Tulamben for visitors.

While going back to the past, in this sunken ship, we will see beautiful tropical fish and other marine lives. Tulamben is a village, of which the name was taken from the word “Batulambih”. Batulambih means many stones caused by the explotion of Mount Agung. By the time, this word changed into Batulamben and eventually pronounced as Tulamben. This area then flourished into a tourist destination that worth to visit.

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