Bloo Lagoon Beach

Bloo Lagoon Beach which is in the earlier time known as “little beach” have a very exotic panorama although this beach is not as wide as many beaches in Bali. Actually, this beach can give you a perfect natural fantasy. Bloo Lagoon which is located under the north canyon of Silayukti temple have a calm waves, because it is surrounded by black corals. According to its owner Wayan Tunas, Bloo Lagoon which has an area of 2 ha was developed since 1991.This white sand beach is available not only for sunbathe or swimming but also for snorkeling.

For they who want to snorkeling, they just have to rent the equipment with a reasonable price from 30.000 to 50.000 Rupiah. Also from this object, you can enjoy the natural panorama of Karangasem, It is like an unlimited beauty. Bloo Lagoon Beach is easy to access. You just need an extra 5 minutes from Padang Bai or 50 minutes from Denpasar. This destination touristic is potential to develop along with interest increase of international tourist to this object. The existence of accommodation such as hotel, restaurants and spa with the international standard will make Bloo Lagoon as one of dream touristic site in Karangasem.

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