Swimming With Dolphins

Swimming With Dolphins

The dolphins at Melka are very special. Three have been rescued from a circus where they were severely mistreated, and one was injured in a fishing net. Here they have recovered their health. Now they work with humans for play and healing. If you come to the dolphin pool you are entering their home. In the ocean, dolphins travel great distances and have complete freedom to move quickly wherever they wish to go. They can choose whether or not to interact with humans. So here we must respect their space.

Did you know that researchers believe that :

Dolphins have their own language with up to a trillion words
Dolphin brains are larger than human brains and have 40% more thinking ability
Dolphins have abilities to heal humans that we do not yet fully understand.
Dolphins once walked on land
Dolphins use sonar to locate items and communicate
Dolphins are intelligent creatures who have capabilities equal to or exceeding humans

Swim with dolphins IDR 1,000,000 per person
Dolphin Show IDR 150,000 per person 

– Dolphin Show
– Touching & taking photos
– Swimming with dolphins
– Snorkeling with dolphins
– Scuba Diving with dolphins
– Animal wildlife park
– Animal Show

Note : not include return transfer



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