Foreigners Working in Bali Reach 1,800 People

Deptartment of Manpower and Transmigration (depnakertrans) of Bali, I Gusti Agung  Sudarsana said foreign workers who work on the island is around 1,800 people. “They work in private companies, mostly in the tourism sector,” he said in Denpasar on Wednesday.

He said to keep an eye on foreign workers who work on the island, he is working with the Immigration and relevant agencies. “We are working closely with the Immigration and agencies, so that foreign workers can be monitored,” he said. Meanwhile for the problem of foreign tourists who misuse visit visa and use it to work in Bali, said Sudarsana, it is the immigration authority to handle them.

“Usually they are deported, if they are caught misusing a tourist visa and use it for working, the deportation will be given by Immigration department,” he said. Therefore, he said, the role of companies that employ foreigners to report the existence of the Department of Labor and related agencies. This is in an effort to anticipate future problems.

“We hope the role of companies that employ foreign workers as well as the participation of local communities when there are allegations of illegal hiring of foreign workers,” he said.

source : the bali times

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