The Dangers of being Overweight

Strong Action Demanded Against Overloaded Trucks on Indonesian Roads
The chairman of the Indonesian Logistic Association, Zaldy Masita, has called on the Minister of Transportation to begin strictly enforcing load limitations on trucks traveling Indonesian highways.

Overloaded trucks traveling major roads in Indonesia are often cited as the source of traffic jams and the rapid deterioration of road surfaces As reported by, Masita says penalties, including the revocation of operating licenses for freight transport operators and fines imposed against the owners of the goods, are needed.

Only with a stiff combination of penalties, he said, will those operating overloaded trucks be deterred from braking the law. Speaking on Tuesday, November 11, 2014, Masita said, “It is an ironic reality that most of the overloaded trucks are carrying cement and fertilizer for State-owned enterprises.”

Because of this, Masita said there needs to be firm action against both private sector and public sector shippers who are violating the law. “How can it be that the State-owned companies are among the worst violators of Sate regulations?” asked Masita.

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