Hotel Aston Denpasar Declared Insolvent

Surabaya Commercial Court Declares Owning Company of Hotel Aston Denpasar Bankrupt
The Surabaya Commercial Court has declared bankrupt the Hotel Aston Denpasar, owned by PT Puri Nikki. The Aston Denpasar Hotel & Convention Center has 258-rooms backed by a large convention and conference center.

Located in the business district of Bali’s capital, it is the only convention center in Bali with Halal certification to serve the meeting market seeking Moslem-oriented services As reported by, the declaration of bankruptcy was in response to claims filed with the court by I Nyoman Wiraguna and Wiji Sulistyowati.

Agus Saputra, legal representative for 246 shareholders of PT Puri Nikki, explained that the plaintiffs in the bankruptcy proceeding were, in fact, two shareholders in the company. “The two people are actually shareholders. In all, there are 246 shareholders. Wiwi (Wiji Sulistyowati) is the former commissioner of PT Puri Nikki,” explained Agus on Tuesday, November 11, 2014.

Agus said the remaining shareholders fought to prevent the bankruptcy, claiming gross irregularities in the bankruptcy proceedings and the decision granting the claim by the Surabaya Commercial Court. Moreover, Agus contends that the two parties filing for the bankruptcy lack the necessary legal standing under Indonesian law.

“To petition for bankruptcy, the plaintiff must be holding a debt against the respondent. Their position was not as a creditor, but as a shareholder,” he said. Agus also alleged the Judge handling the case was guilty of unprofessional conduct. The judge ruled in one instance that the plaintiffs lacked legal standing, only to later rule in their favor.

Agus Saputra has reported the Surabaya jurist to the Judicial Commission and the Supervisor of the Supreme Court. Finally, Agus says he suspect a “mafia bankruptcy” exists because of the 246 separate shareholders in the hotel, several were approached with offers to purchase their shares by a “certain” mysterious third party.

“The shareholders,” said Agus, “were generally opposed to the attempt to bankrupt the company. The shareholders wanted to sort the matter out. We wanted to replace or add curators. We will advise on all of this to the supervising judge.” Saputra confirmed that an appeal of the bankruptcy decision is being prepared for the Supreme Court.

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