Bali Safari Marine Park Celebrates 7th Anniversary

The Bali Safari and Marine Park celebrates 7th anniversary on Thursday, November 13, 2014.
Proclaiming itself as Bali’s top destination for both domestic and international travelers, the Bali Safari and Marine Park (BSMP) has won numerous awards and recognitions for its sustained commitment to education, environmental conservation and high standards of service, For the third time, BSMP has been named “Indonesia’s Leading Theme Park” with the Mara River Lodge located within the Park has won a “Certificate of Excellence” and a Traveler’s Choice Award from TripAdvisor.

To celebrate its 7th Anniversary BSMP have embraced the themes of “shining like a diamond” and “Carnival” that will be marked with a range of events throughout the month of November 2104. On November 9, 2014, seven orphanages in Bali were transported to BSMP to spend a day at the park meeting its exotic collection of animals and view the Park’s award-winning stage show spectacular in the Bali Agung Theater.

Also during November, BSMP, in cooperation with the Indonesian Red Cross, has conducted blood drives involving its division heads and employees. On November 14, 2104 the 720 employees of BSMP gathered at the Bali Theatre together with selected guests for a gala evening of dance, music and theatre.

source : bali discovery tours

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