How You Going to Keep Them Down on the Farm

Large Downturn in Balinese Working in Agricultural Sector.
Farmers are becoming a diminishing species on the Island of Bali. The Bali Central Statistic Bureau (BPS) records the number of people employed in the agricultural sector in August 2014 at 528,506, a significant downturn from just six months earlier in February when Bali’s farmers totaled 61,663.

This decline of 10.45% in the number of Bali agriculturist over a period of only six months is linked by the chief of BPS to the increasing unemployment rates in Bali. As reported by Bali Post, BPS chief Panusunan Siregar said the decline in the number of farmers in Bali is connected, to some extent, with the change of seasons in Bali and the continuing dry season that is reducing demand for people needed to work the land.

The BPS records trade, restaurant and accommodation providers as the biggest employers in Bali, absorbing 658,312 workers or 28.97% of the Island’s total work force. Those working in the service sector in Bali total 393,056 with 316,598 employed in the industrial sector. The division of between those working in Bali’s formal and informal employment is 1,083,622 (47.69%) formally employed and 1,189,010 (52.32%) working in informal positions.

source : bali discovery tours

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