Please Feed the Animals

Drought-stricken Monkeys and Deer From West Bali National Park Shift to Denpasar-Gilimanuk Highways Seeking Food Handouts
Hundreds of wild monkeys from the West Bali National Park have invaded the sub-district of Gilimanuk in Jembrana, occupying the main highway connecting Denpasar to its westernmost ferry port.

According to the State News Agency Antara, experts believe the primate exodus is caused by a lack of food in the animal’s original habitat brought on by a lingering drought. The monkeys sit on the road seeking scraps of food thrown on the road by passing motorists.

Wayan Astika, a truck driver who frequently travels the road. said: “Since six months ago, hundreds of monkeys came out of the jungle. Maybe there was no more food there (in the jungle) because of the long draught.” Those stopping to share food with the monkeys also say it is not unusual to see deer on the side of the road that have also left the confines of the nearby jungle in search of food.

The monkeys are losing any innate fear of humans and vehicles, emboldened to approach parked or stopped vehicles in search of a handout. Aware of the animals’ plight, motorists are bringing bread and fruit to share with the monkeys. Authorities have installed roadside signs warning drivers to be aware of the danger of colliding with animals in the area.

source : bali discovery tours

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