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Association of Indonesian Hotel General Managers Calls for Greater Appointment of Indonesians to Top Hotel Posts
The Indonesian Hotel General Manager Association (IHGM) – a grouping of Indonesian nationals serving as general managers of 3,4 and 5 star hotels held a meeting at the Grand Zumi Hotel in Bali on Friday, November 7, 2014. As reported by, the chairman of IHGM, Arief Bonahianto said: “This association is a gathering of hotel general managers who are genuinely from Indonesia.

We were established in 2012 and are total membership has now reached 69.” His comments were made at the 2nd IHGM Innovation and Gathering 2014. Arief explained that the gatherings were intended to find and explore new ideas that will advance the Indonesian hotel industry. Adding: “In the future we plan to conduct training for our general managers that will improve our skills. Hopefully, this can be undertaken next year.

Continuing, the IHGM chairman said: “General Managers originating from Indonesia are able to manage big hotels. As we all know, most 5 star hotels are managed by expatriate managers. Why aren’t these hotels managed by Indonesians? Why seek managers from distant places when Indonesian general managers are not inferiority in their quality?” Arief said the IHGM and the government must join forces to advance Indonesian tourism.

“We hope there is government support, particularly in the area of transportation. Main air gateways must be improved in order that visiting tourist can be impressed with our welcome. There must be more order in how new hotel permits are issued. Isn’t it better to develop existing hotels instead of opening many new hotels?” he asked. Angkoso Soekardi, senior chairman of IHGM, said the group’s goal for the future is to ensure its managers are ready to “go international.”

Adding: “We want to upgrade our human resources so they can compete internationally. Indonesian general managers feel they are competent to compete anywhere. Angkoso said only a few Indonesians have successfully managed to take on general manager roles overseas. “I personally worked as a general manager for four years in the Middle East. In a short time one of my friends will become a general manager in Dubai,” he explained.

Speaking to his members, Angkoso said: “Believe in yourselves. Don’t be frightened when you see a foreigner. Don’t feel inferior; the color of our blood is the same. The main point: don’t be afraid to compete, because our abilities are no less than outsiders.”

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