Bali Losing its Zest

Prolonged Draught Destroying Bali’s Orange Orchards in Kintamani
The prolonged drought affecting much of Bali is threatening hillside fruit orchards around Kintamani. Bali Post reports that most of the orange trees at the village of Pinggan in Kintamani have already died in the scorching heat that has been unabated by the very late seasonal rains. Meanwhile, local agriculturists warn that the loss of perennial fruit crops is likely to only 0worsen if seasonal rains fail to come soon.

Dead trees and dry conditions also have many worried about the growing threat of bush fires. A local farmer, Wayan Duarsa, said on Monday, November 3, 2014: “We are forced to eradicate or cut down orange trees that are already dead. If we allow them to stand our losses will only increase further.” He said the current dry season has stretched into a drought, killing many local crops, including orange trees.

“I can confirm that hundreds of tree have died,” he said, “with more trees in the thousands showing sings of extreme distress.” Worst affected are lands stretching between the villages of Pingan to Banjar Paketan. In Pingan, both orange orchards and labu siam (Chayote) plantings are succumbing to the drought. The destruction of chayote crops, according to local farmers, demonstrates the extreme severity of the present drought.

In the past, chayote crops have proven resilient to the effects of a long dry season, but the current dry weather condition is largely unprecedented in its length and resulting destruction.

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