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Four Suffer Burns When Bali to Nusa Penida Fast Ferry Catches Fire as Passengers and Crew Abandon Ship
A JJ Fast Boat operating between Sanur Beach and Nusa Penida caught fire on Friday, November 7, 2014 at approximately 10:30 a.m. near Nusa Penida. Just prior to the fire, the boat had left its anchorage at Jungut Batu bound for Sanur Beach. Approximately one-kilometer from shore a fire broke out on board causing a complement of 16 passengers to jump into the surrounding sea to escape the inferno.

The head of the Klunkung Police Precinct, Ni Wayan Sri Yudayatni Wirawati, who quickly attended the scene of the accident, confirmed that four people have suffered burns. There were no fatalities reported in connection with the fire and the need to abandon ship. Injured were three foreign nationals Gabrielle Samsan, Oliver Robitaille and Bonnacorsi Sara together with one Indonesian Komang Indah.

Metrobali.com reports that the four injured received initial first aid at the Jungut Batu Community Health Center before being transferred to a hospital on the mainland in Denpasar. Wirawati recounted how the fast boat captained by Wayan Puji departed with 9 foreigners and 7 Indonesian, catching fire one-kilometer from he shore of Nusa Penida. Police say the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The passenger and crew list from the ill-fated ship included:
1.Ngainan (25) from Java
2.Nurmaningsih (30) from Java
3.Philip Durent (52) Belgium
4.Lee Lay Hoon (38) Malaysia
5.Gabrielle Samsan (45) Canada (Injured)
6.Oliver Robitaille (40) Canada (Injured)
7.Jan Alinski (62) Sweden
8.Pascal Chopard (38) Switzerland
9.Jennifer Firmenich ( 3 ) Germany
10.Montanari Massimo ( 35 ) Italy
11.Bonaccorsi Sara (35) Italy (Injured)
12.Komang Indah (28) Jungut Batu (Injured)
13.Komang Awa ( 35) Jungut Batu
14.Nyoman Kate ( 37) Jungut Batu
15.Wayan Darma (35) Jungut Batu
16.Men Dana (60) Jungut Batu

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