Tourism Drawing Lines in the Sand

Indonesian Minister of Tourism Label Malaysia and Thailand as ‘Common Enemies’ of Indonesian Tourism – Calling for Better Information Technology and Enhanced Hygiene
Indonesia’s new Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, wasted little time in signaling what may be his style and tone of promoting Indonesian tourism, labeling Malaysia and Thailand as “the common enemy” of Indonesian tourism. As reported by, Yahya made the comment during a visit to Jakarta’s old town on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.

Yahya added: “Indonesian tourism is not yet that good, still defeated by Malaysia and Thailand with foreign tourist arrivals of 20 million.” While the “enemy” of Indonesian tourism, in the mind of Minister Yahya, may be two neighboring countries, his further comments also reveal that the biggest battles to increase tourist numbers must be waged on the home front.

In office for less than a week, Yahya said Indonesia must acquire “quick wins” in order to close the gap in tourist arrivals, with the need to repair the infrastructure of information technology and communications in order to attract global tourism.” The Minister said the problem of cleanliness and health also need to be urgently addressed, both areas, the Minister feels, are weak points in Indonesia’s ability to draw foreign tourists.

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