Vox Populi in Bali

Province of Bali Holds Monthly Open Forum to Allow Citizens to Voice Criticism and Make Recommendations to Provincial Officials
Beritabali.com reports that the Provincial Government of Bali is establishing a new open forum for comments and criticism from the public to their government that is set to commence on November 2, 2014. The forum has been given the name “Podium Bali Bicara” (Bali Speaks Podium) held its first session on November 2, 2014 at the Bajra Sandhi Monument in Renon, Denpasar.

The provincial spokesperson for Bali, Dewa Gede Mahendra, told the press that the “Podium Bali Bicara” would be an open forum for the public to speak to Governor Made Mangku Pastika and his administration in order to deliver suggestions, criticism or share experiences. “All members of the Public are welcome to speak on any subject, to criticize and make recommendations to all the provincial agencies and government services – providing the material does not touch on issues of SARA (i.e. tribalism, ethnic groups, religion or race).

The aim is to provide the widest possible freedom of expression to the public to recommend, criticize and share their experiences to make sure no channel of communication becomes clogged,” explained Mahendra. The open speech forums will be held on the first Sunday of each month from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m.. The province is encouraging the public to use “Podium Bali Bicara.” Security personnel will be in attendance at each forum to ensure all those wishing to speak have the opportunity to do so.

source : bali discovery tours

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