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Provincial Lawmakers Complains Zoning Laws in South Bali are Almost Completely Ignored
A member of Commission III of the Bali House of Representatives (DPRD-Bali) has complained that zoning and building regulations set forth in the 2009 Bali Zoning Law (RTRWP) are largely ignored. Ketut Kariyasa Adnyana, on October 27, 2014, told the DPRD that starred hotels in Denpasar and Badung have built in close proximity to shore lines and religious temples – both acts specifically prohibited by the RTRWP.

Moreover, enforcement authorities fail to prohibit these infraction by forcing the errant hotels to remove or rebuild illegal structures and make their buildings conform to the law. Quoted in Radar Bali, Kariyasa mentioned one hotel in Petitienget, Kerobokan that has violated setback rules form the beach. The previous Commission III from the DPRD-Bali had conducted on-site inspections of the illegal structure, confirmed the violations and then failed to follow the matter up with enforcement measures.

He also said that violations of rules in other parts of Badung are quickly destroying remaining agricultural lands and the South Island’s ability to sustain its own food requirements. Meanwhile, another member of Commission III, Wayan Kariarta, said violations of the RTRWP  are not limited to set backs rules from Bali’s shorelines, but also violate setback rules from roadways and riverbanks. Building too close to roadways and a failure to honor rules on providing the minimal number of parking spaces is blamed for traffic congestion in many parts of South Bali.

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