Conned by Condotels?

Marketer and Developer of Swiss-Belhotel Bali Condotel Project in Bali Sued by Unhappy Purchasers reports that a number of condotel units in Swiss-Belhotel Bali have filed suit in the South Jakarta court claiming default on the parts of the marketer and developer. The Rp. 26 billion (US$2.16 million) suit has been filed against the PT Royal Premier International as the marketer of the project and PT Anamaya Selaras as the developer.

The complaint filed with the Court states that the two defendants in the case had signed a cooperative agreement starting from September 24, 2014. That agreement addressed the development and marketing of 39 condotel unites managed by the Swiss-Belhotel Bali. The plaintiffs in the case have stated before the Court that that they have fulfilled all the conditions for purchase and payment of the offered units.

Suhaedi Buhaerah, the legal counsel of the defendants, told Bisnis on October 30, 2014, “We have paid in full for all the units but until this point in time we have not been handed the a copy of the agreement to purchase agreement (PPJB).” PT Royal Premier has reportedly written to PT Anamaya Selaras on June 16, 2014 revoking their agreement to purchase 19 of the 39 condotels.

The developer subsequently responded to the letter confirming the revocation. This letter has caused confusion and concern on the part of the purchasers who claim they have paid for all the original 39 units located in Kuta, Bali. In an apparent contradiction to its earlier actions, PT Royal Premier then wrote another letter to PT Anamaya Selaras on August 7, 2014 demanding that the developed finalize the purchase of the entire lot of 39 condotels, formally withdrawing its letter revoking the purchase of 19 of the units.

Meanwhile, the developer insists on holding firm to the revocation of the sale of the 19 units as detailed in the June letter. Against this background, the plaintiffs sent a cease and desist letter (somasi) to the developer and marketer on August 29, 2014 reminding them of their obligations to build and hand over the purchased condotels. Due to the lack of a response from PT Royal Premier and PT Anamaya Selaras, the purchasers have now filed suit against the two companies at the South Jakarta Court.

The plaintiffs are seeking material damages of Rp. 16 billion (US$1.3 million) and non-material losses of a further Rp. 10 billion (US$833,000).

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