Better Tourist Visitor Service Needed

South Korean Ambassadors Warn that Bali’s Visitor Numbers from Korea Threatened by Unscrupulous Tourism Practice reports that the South Korean Ambassador to Indonesia, Cho Tai-Young, has complained to Bali’s governor about Bali travel agents involved the “buying and selling of heads” of South Korean tourists visiting the Island.

The Ambassador was referring to the practice where bids are won to handle individual and group visitors from South Korean tour agencies through low pricing after which the right to handle these tourists is “resold” again to local handlers in Bali who recoup their costs and seek  profit by forcing South Korean visitors to suffer inferior tourism products and services.

The Ambassador delivered his complaints to Governor Made Mangku Pastika during a visit to Bali. He said the mistreatment of South Korean tourist in Bali has drawn the attention of the Government of South Korea. Cho said he hoped the Provincial Government of Bali would process his complaint saying a failure to do so could influence the number of South Koreans visiting Bali.

Moreover, he warned, a failure to correct this situation would damage Bali’s reputation in the eyes of the world. In 2013, some 134,000 South Korean tourist visited Bali. Governor Pastika promised the South Korean Ambassador he would seriously follow up the complaint of poor service to his fellow Koreans visiting Bali.

He immediately asked the Tourism Chief for Bali to take action against poorly behaving travel agents. The Governor admitted that the unscrupulous practice mentioned by the South Korean Ambassador is also similar to that inflicted upon Chinese visitors to Bali.

source : bali discovery tours

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