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Too Good Not to Share: Bali Update Editor Visits Waroeng Kepiting Saus Bagan
Every once and a while my travels around Bali brings me in contact with one of the Island’s hidden secrets – a shop, an experience or a restaurant too good not to be shared with Bali Update readers. Once such experience happened recently when lunched at Waroeng Kepiting Saos Bagan, located on a hidden side street off Jalan Diponegoro in the Sesetan area of Bali’s capital of Denpasar.

Founded by Balinese travel legend Al Purwa who discovered the uniquely delicious way of preparing crabs during  frequent trips to Semarang, the capital of Central Java. A devoted client of the Kepiting Saos Bagain restaurant in Semarang, he struck up a friendship with the proprietor only to learn that the man’s wife lived in Bali where she had two children attending school.

Unable to live without a regular intake of these delicious crabs, Al began ordering his favorite crab dish from the restauranteur’s wife in Bali. When his orders in Bali becene too frequent,  Al Purwa decided he might as well create a Bali branch of the Semarang eatery in cooperation with the Semarang family.

The Waroeng Kepiting Saos Bagan Experience
Frankly, I find eating crabs hard work. While the meat is delicious, the sauces and ensuing mess involved in eating crabs cause me to fantasize that the best way to eat this seafood delicacy might be naked in bathtub. But the extraordinary flavor of the crabs at Waroeng Kepiting Saos Bagan makes any efforts well worth the culinary reqard.

When I asked Al Purwa the recipe for the “Bagan” sauce, he confessed that the “lady in charge” in the kitchen has refused to divulge the ingredients. Hard to describe with any other word than “delicious,” I have vowed, bathtub or not, to make a return visit to try to decipher the components of “saus bagan.”

Equally delectable are the prawns (Udang Goreng Kremesan), spicy calamari and  the unique Rujak Bagan – pickled and spice that form a perfect counterbalance to the seafood on offer – all available at this out of the way eatery. Prices are affordable with 4-person package including beverage starting from Rp. 325,000 (US$ (US27) and 6-person menu including beverages from Rp. 550,000 (US$46).

Getting There :
Look for the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Outlet on Jalan Diponegoro in Sesetan. Directly across the street from KFC is the entrance to Jalan Gurita. Take the first right on Jalan Gurita and you are on Jalan Gurita I. You’ll find Waroeng Kepiting Saos Bagan at number 16 – a newly built ruko on the right hand side of the road. Waroeng Kepiting Saos Bagan is air conditioned with plenty of sinks for post-feeding wash ups.  Al is reportedly considering my suggestion that he install bathtubs. Open daily for lunch and dinner, major credit cards accepted.

Waroeng Kepiting Saos Bagan
Jalan Gurita I/ No. 16
Sesetan – Denpasar
Telephone ++62-(0)361-7445490

source : bali discovery tours

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