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Bookshelf: ‘Looking for Borneo’ – Insights into the Endless Beauty of the World’s Third Largest Island
Officially released in the first week of October 2014, “Looking for Borneo” by Mark Heyward, David Metcalf and Khan Wilson is a splendid coffee table edition certain to entice travelers to visit Borneo – more typically known in Indonesia as Kalimantan. Written by Tasmanian Mark Heywood, “Looking for Borneo” shares the history and folklore of the Dayak people of Kalimantan.

The tome is generously laden with stunning photography by Bali resident New Zealander David Metcalf. Another Tasmanian, Khan Wilson, embellished the book with drawings. Australian Clare McAlaney oversaw the book’s design and publication process. A labor of artistry and love for Kalimantan and its people, proceeds from the sale of the book go to three charities.

Purchasers of “Looking for Borneo” will also receive a CD of recorded music presenting songs and ballads of Borneo. The narrative by Mark Heyward describes an adventurous seventeen-day journey from east to west across Kalimantan traveling by dugout canoe and on foot. His very personal writings share tales of deception at the hands local guides, adventurous stroies of daring-do and of the camaraderie shared with fellow travelers.

Photography by David Metcalf is a combination of color, and black and white pictures depicting the vanishing world of Borneo and its people. Khan Wilson’s drawings combine beautifully to complement the text and photography. The book raises needed alarms about the shrinking primary rainforests and number of orangutans.

A list of organizations seeking solutions to the plight of the shrinking rainforest raising awareness of the threats confronting the world’s third largest island form an appendix to the book. Book purchases will help fund the Darung Tingang Dayak Dance Studio in Palangkaraya – a dance academy dedicated to sustaining Kalimantan’s endemic forms of dance.

Funding is also provided to an educational fund – Ransel Buku, Pelangkaraya serving 160  and the Pelangi School Scholarship Program in Ubud, Bali that teaches children in Bali about environmentalism. thanks Stephanie Brooks for contributing to this book review.

“Looking for Borneo”
By Mark Heyward, David Metcalf and Khan Wilson
Creatavision Publishing Pty Ltd
ISBN 978-0-9923736-1-0

166 full color pages, bonus CD, limited edition
Available from local bookstores in Bali and from the publisher at
Price:  Rp 585,000 (US$49).

source : bali discovery tours

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