Murder at Bali Emerald Villas in Sanur, Bali

Long-Time Bali Resident Bob Ellis Murdered in What Police Believe was Murder-for-Hire Scheme Orchestrated by His Wife, Noor Ellis
A long-time foreign resident and businessman in Bali has been brutally murdered, apparently by his Indonesian wife of two decades who orchestrated the man’s death by paying domestic servants and acquaintances to take part in the homicide. Dead is Robert Kevin Ellis (60) a successful owner of companies involved in telecommunications, aviation, property and tourism accommodation who police believe was murdered on Monday, October 20, 2014 at the Bali Emerald Villa complex on Jalan Karangsari Blok C 6 Semawang-Sanur where he lived with his Indonesian wife Julaikah Noor Aini (Noor Ellis) (45).

Police theorize that Ellis was set upon by as many as four accomplices paid by his wife while in the kitchen of the Bali Emerald Villa where, based on wounds found to the man’s body, he was bludgeoned and has his throat slit. The body was then bundled into sleeping bag and tossed into a drainage canal in Denpasar. Initially suspecting the bag contained the carcass of a dead dog, it was only later, when a local farmer investigated more closely on Tuesday, that the grisly discovery of Ellis’ body was made.

When police removed the body for forensic examination at Denpasar’s Sanglah General Hospital they discovered a hand phone and quickly identified the deceased as Robert Ellis who held citizenship both in his native U.K. and Australia. When police went to the Bali Emerald Villa residence and advised Julaikah Noor Aini of her husband’s murder she reportedly expressed shock and grief. Police enquiries with servants quickly resulted in Noor Ellis’ incarceration as a suspect in her husband’s death for orchestrating his murder by paying at least four people to take roles in the homicide and subsequent disposal of the body.

A 23-year-old man, Adrianus Ngongo (Ariel), was arrested at the East Bali Port of Padang Bai with Rp. 30 million in his possession as he prepared to sail to the next island of Lombok. Ariel is reported to be the boyfriend of a maid who purportedly quieted the couple’s Golden Retriever during the murder. The couple’s two sons, David (23) and Peter (19) have returned from their studies in Perth, Western Australia upon hearing of their Father’s death. Police continue to search for all the accomplices in the murder and work to complete their evidence files to hand to Denpasar prosecutors.

Once all suspects are in custody the court files this will include a re-enactment of the murder scene with all suspects in attendance. Preliminary comments from police in Bali suggest Noor Ellis could be charged with the premeditated murder of her husband, a crime that could carry the penalty of death before a firing squad. Noor Ellis manages a number of local businesses in Bali and is active in community service projects as a member of the Sanur Rotary Club. Lawrence Bellefontaine, a Director of Bali Emerald Villas, promoted on the Internet has having professional 24-hour security, has confirmed that Ellis and his wife purchase their villa from him 10 years ago while the unit was still under construction.

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