Fighting Malaria in Bali

Denpasar Health Officials Undertake Educative Steps and Fogging to Prevent Upswing in Dengue Fever Cases
The Denpasar Department of Health is taking steps to try to reduce the incidents of Dengue fever in Bali’s capital through educating the public on steps to reduce nesting areas for mosquitoes and fogging by municipal health officials to destroy nesting areas.

Quoted by, Dr. I.B. Gd Eka Putra of the Denpasar Health Department said on Thursday, October 23, 2014, that the educational aspect of the program to prevent dengue fever outbreaks was initially being done via meetings with village heads, sub-district heads and community health centers in all parts of Denpasar.

The goal of the education program is to persuade community leaders to regularly patrol their surroundings and eliminate standing pools of water where the infectious mosquitoes breed. The health department official warned that there is traditionally an increase in the rates of dengue fever cases at the change of the year necessitating the need for vigilance and surveillance to combat possible nesting areas.

Officials say that when cases of dengue fever are identified, the public should report this to municipal officials who can undertake fogging. Observations in the field, however, indicate that little or no communication takes place between Denpasar health officials and hospital treating dengue patients that could efficiently and quickly identify areas for fogging operations.

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