Change Has Gotta Come

Putting Bali’s Illegal Moneychangers Out of Business
Bali governor Made Mangku Pastika has called on Bank Indonesia to strictly enforce rules against illegal moneychangers in Bali who are seen as creating discontent among tourist visitors to the island. The Governor’s call to arms was issued during a visit to his office in Denpasar by the chief of the Bali and Nusa Tenggara district for Bank Indonesia, Benny Siswanto on Wednesday, October 22, 2014.

As reported by, Benny Siswanto says only 120 registered moneychangers are licensed in Bali. However, the number of actual moneychangers carrying on business on the Island far exceeds this number. Siswanto explained to the press that his office does not have the enforcement authority to impose sanctions on illegal moneychangers.

Any enforcement measures remains the prerogative of the police. Siswanto promised the Governor that the problem of illegal moneychangers would receive more attention in the future in order to protect the reputation of Bali tourism.

source : bali discovery tours

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