Sanctuary of Jaya Prana

Sanctuary of Jaya Prana and Layon Sari is located in a grove of Teluk Terima, Sumberklampok village, Gerokgak, approximately 67 km west of Singaraja town. This sanctuary retains a romantic love story like the story of Romeo and Juliet in Europe or Sampek Engtay in China.

Jaya Prana and Layon Sari is an ideal couple during the administration of Wanekeling kingdom, Kalianget, in the past. Due to the beauty of Layon Sari, the king fell in love with her and with his wiles the king killed Jaya Prana.

Meanwhile, Layon Sari who does not want to be married by the king chooses to commit suicide after her beloved husband

source : bali travel news

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