Tourism Villages in Ubud and Beyond

Development of Ubud as an international tourist destination has an impact on the surrounding villages. Beauty of the village and its tourist attraction are not far appealing compared to those in Ubud. Customs, culture and hospitality of the people remain intense inspired by the tradition of Hinduism. The surrounding villages are such as Mas, Pejeng, Kemenuh and Blahbatuh. Batuan village retains various kinds of uniqueness and characteristics, so it has become a famous tourism village with the art appeals.

At this village, people can still find an ancient Balinese house with interesting art activities of the society. There are people working as a painter, sculptor and mask carver. Meanwhile, the ancient Balinese house is located at Penida hamlet, Batuan. Layout, building elements, entrance gates and structures look very ancient like an antiquity. Along the road at the village, the artists look absorbing in painting on canvas and eggshells. Some other traditions it has are the mask carving, wood carving, making sculptures and other crafts.

Village Temple of Batuan is also a unique and famous tourist attraction. Carving style, cockfighting and mapeed (parade) tradition have been already well-known in the eyes of foreign travelers. The village also has a mask, Rejang and ancient Gambuh art troupes. Blahbatuh village has spread its charm so that many travelers come to visit it. Blahbatuh Grand Palace is known as ancient royal palace with its own charm. This palace retains a Balinese architectural design divided into three zones namely the outermost courtyard, middle courtyard and innermost courtyard in accordance with the Kosala Kosali concept.

This palace has a sacred relic in the form of Gajah Mada mask, a weapon known as Ki Tunjung Tutur in the form of large blowpipe and gambuh (ancient operetta) puppet making the palace have sacred vibration. Various traditional arts like the gamelan, dance and vocals are still sustainable. Local traditional market also becomes an attraction to foreign travelers. The famous handicraft products at Blahbatuh village are bamboo chair, table and lamp trinkets. In harmony with the tourism development, many Batuan residents rely on their life in the service sector.

Mas village has almost the same condition and charms as Ubud. It is the center of wood carving handicrafts. Even, it has been known as a producer of sculpture and mask long before the development of tourism. On that account, along the way travelers can see the art shops displaying their handicraft products like sculpture and wood carvings. Besides, its design has also developed from traditional to the abstract and modern style. Similarly, this village is also often chosen as an appropriate accommodation by world travelers.

People’s houses with star-rated hotel standards are often chosen as a place of residence. On that account, the friendly Mas residents can become their friends when unwinding and relaxing. Another comparably interesting village to Ubud is Pejeng village. This village offers spiritual tourist centers. Among them, there are Kebo Edan Temple, Pusering Jagat Temple, Penataran Sasih Temple and Garba Temple. Penataran Sasih Temple is very famous because it has a bronze kettledrum with the length of 186.5 cm also known as the ‘Moon of Pejeng.’

It is said that the moon fell from the sky at the village. Besides, there are also relics of giant statues, Brahma statue, Ganesha statue and statues of the other gods. Local beautiful nature is often taken advantage by travelers for trekking and cycling. Rice field landscape and friendly community can be an appeal while crossing at the village. Such an atmosphere is also visible at Payangan village. With the natural beauty of the village, lately the Payangan village is besieged by investors to build tourist accommodation facilities.

Kemenuh village also becomes a tourist attraction. The village inhabited by 1,056 people has sculpture handicrafts, Tegenungan Waterfall attraction as well as the arts and culture becoming local distinctive appeal. The village offers beautiful views of rice fields and tourist accommodation like hotels and villas. The accommodation is owned and managed by local people. Kemenuh village is located in Sukawati subdistrict, very close to Ubud area.

The village has market tourism in the form of gallery currently amounting to 50 units. The potential of exotic nature makes the village a center of trekking activities. Hotel guests staying in Ubud area often take advantage of the tourist facilities located at the edge of Petanu River. Likewise, there are many villas and houses of expatriates working as environmental and health observers. Kemenuh is also rich in culinary treasures. Many stalls and restaurants offer Balinese traditional cuisines at the village.

Similarly, there is Bale Budaya, a resident’s house which prepares a variety of typical foods. A unique tradition drawing the interest of travelers is ngedeblag, a ceremonial procession as repellent of disasters and plagues. (BTN/ocha/015)

source : bali travel news

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