Who Owns Bali’s Heritage

Legality of Badung Regency Funding of Taman Ayun Questioned by Badung Legislator
Radar Bali reports that past and current government funding of the Balinese cultural icon of Taman Ayun is being called into question by Commission III of the Badung House of Representatives (DPRD-Badung). Taman Ayun in Mengwi is visited each year by thousands of Bali visitors. Graced with a massive foreground, the Mengwi Water Temple forms part of the Royal Household of the Mengwi Palace (Puri Mengwi).

Originally built in 1634 by the King of Mengwi, man-made waterways surround an island of multi-tiered temples. Hearings conducted at the DPRD-Badung on Wednesday, October 15, raised the legality of billions of rupiahs  paid from public funds for the care and maintenance of Taman Ayun.

A member of Commission III, Made Sudarta, was quick to point out that he was supportive of the role played by Taman Ayun in the complex’s status as a UNESCO World Heritage icon, but feared State auditors would sometime raise issues with the subsidization of Taman Ayun – owned by the Mengwi Royal Household – with public funds.

In response, I.B. Surya Suamba representing the Badung Regency insisted that the preservation of Taman Ayun with regency funds was entirely appropriate given the complexes role in the regions history and its status as a UNESCO Heritage site. Suamba suggest that without the continuing financial support of the regency, Taman Ayun could jeopardize its UNESCO status.

source : bali discovery tours

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