Heinz’s 100 Varieties of Indonesian Cuisine

Bookshelf: A New Approach to Indonesian Cooking by Heinz von Holzen
While Swiss national Heinz von Holzen may not have been “born” to Balinese kitchen, local religious tradition strongly suggest that cosmic forces may have been in play that caused von Holzen to be reincarnated into the Balinese Paon. Arriving in Bali nearly three decades ago as a young, well-trained food and beverage professional, von Holzen commenced on a love affair with Bali, its culture and the culinary traditions of its kitchens.

In a sojourn filled with interesting twists and turns, Heinz married a Balinese girl and started a family, established the award-winning Bumbu Bali Restaurant, and published seven cookbooks and two books of photography. While, to the casual observer, it may seem more than a little incongruous that a man from Switzerland is generally acknowledged as the world’s leading expert on Balinese cuisine, the simple fact of the matter is that Heinz von Holzen’s professional life has served as something of a catalyst for Balinese cooking.

During his early years on the Island, Heinz would organize “cooking days” among the Balinese employees of a five star hotel preparing dishes learned in their mothers’ kitchens. An inveterate chronicler, Heinz recorded recipes and photographed the resulting dishes, and in so doing created Bali’s first compendium of Balinese cuisine. A keen traveler, Heinz has explored remote corners of Indonesia, invading local kitchens with the same enthusiasm he brought to climbing its mountains, sailing its seas and exploring its wildernesses.

Heinz’s latest book “A New Approach to Indonesian Cooking” explores more than 100 classic recipes from across the archipelago. From savory fried rice, richly indulgent meat stews and tantalizingly sweet desserts – Heinz provides detailed instructions on how to reproduce authentic flavors using traditional cooking methods in combination with modern cooking techniques. Perhaps best of all, he shows short cuts available in a modern kitchen without in any way compromising the delicious and authentic end results.

“A New Approach to Indonesian Cooking” champions authentic taste of Indonesian food in concert with modern and comprehensible kitchen techniques. Bali Visitors are also encouraged to join one of Heinz’s popular one-day cooking schools available each week throughout the year – Balinese Cooking School with Market Visit. “A New Approach to Indonesian Cooking” by Heinz von Holzen is available on-line from Marshall Cavendish.

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